Out of Office

Kia Ora, Whānau

Thank you for tuning in to my new grind, “Out of Office”.

If you’re on your way to your own grind wishing that your Out of Office was on; if you’ve pulled a sickie on a Monday; if you’re one of the 2.34bn people that use social media, or amongst the 80% of the population who hate/don’t enjoy the job – then join me while I blog, post, podcast & yarn about how I reached the point where I could finally say “fuck the grind”. Follow me on my journey to hopefully find my own and inspire you to do the same. 

On the 29th November 2016, I finally grew a pair to resign from my corporate job, where I was working in the financial banking industry for the last 7 years.  I planned enough so that I could take at least 3 months off work financially, and gave myself a blank canvas to start painting (metaphorically, as I’m not much of a painter).

I started from the bottom and worked my way up, chasing the dollar.  I was lucky enough to work for a large organisation that invested in their people’s self-development, and offered a great salary and benefits. Don’t get me wrong this has helped me travel, become a little materialistic, and buy a house this year. But I still kept asking myself: “Am I fulfilled?”
I’m only 24, I’m engaged, and we own our own home. Isn’t this what life is about? Haven’t I already cracked it? It wasn’t until I saw a meme – yes, a meme (who knew a meme would have got me this far?), that I thought – “Am I always going to be living for the weekends?”

“Do I want to be grouped as one of the 80% of “normal” people on this planet?”

Anxiety would kick in on a Sunday around midday. I was living for the weekends. I had no energy for my own hobbies and passions. I thrived in people management but I didn’t necessarily manage myself. There must be more to life!

In my later posts, I’ll delve a bit deeper into different stages I went through to get me to this point, and the tools, resources, and support I had to help inspire you to do the same.

So a bit about me:

  • A 24 year old Kiwi girl
  • Born and bred in Wellington
  • Whānaufrom all over the motu
  • Recently engaged to an amazing fiancé
  • Bought our first home in 2016
  • Have been working in the financial industry for the past 7 years

It wasn’t until I met my amazing now fiancé that I realized the art of communication, self-discovery/development, and finding your passion. His support gave me confidence to finally DO ME. To be a little selfish.

I did a bit of research on starting a blog/podcast, understanding your target market, and choosing a name. I’ve always been a bit of a potty mouth and the next few months I want to start caring less about what the fuck other people think about me and surround myself with people on the same grind.

So here’s to a REAL, UNCENSORED movement. Here’s to the next 3 months…



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