Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Happy hump day Whānau!

Lets talk about investing time in you.

Do you invest time in self-discovery and development? This has been instrumental for me to learn and invest time in myself that enabled me to get to where I am today & take the leap of leaving my 9-5 to find my own grind.

‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, Jim Rohn.’ This became one of my favourite quotes that I use to relate a lot of my situations to when questioning not only my work/life balance, but also the questions of: 

– What am I doing with my life?

– Where do I want to be in life?

– What are my passions?

– What are my values & strengths?

When do you find time to confidently answer these questions in the day and age we live in today?

Generation Y- we have no patience. We want things done yesterday. We revolve our lives around technology. We need to look like that Instagram photo of your friends, cousins boyfriends’ partner who has 20K followers which of course takes up a lot our time these days.

The best decision I made was to invest time in myself. To understand what my passions, strengths and Values are. Why? Because to me these need to align with the job you are in. These are who you are and if you are not in a role or job that utilizes these things then how can you be truly happy?

If your job takes up…. hmmm lets ball park 8 hours of your day (many of you know this is not true when including your commute, what you can/cant do the night before work as it may effect your job. Oh and don’t forget the Smonday feeling we get that usually kicks in everyday before having to get up for work again.) Then we include your recommended sleep entitlement. Work out how much time you have left to work on yourself.

Imagine giving yourself back the time you spend on social media each day, this gives the average person approx. 2 hours, imagine when you commute to work that you listen to a podcast on self-discovery and development instead of Breakfast Radio. What would this do for YOU?

Start surrounding yourself with people who align with your values. It might sound harsh but I also had to remove myself from people who were simply not on my buzz. People who are negative and try and bring other people down for their own success – Bye Felicia.

Understand and get to know your flaws too. For example once I admitted to myself that yes I do get anxiety (more of the high functioning type) I was able to let my guard down and understand more about me. I’ve slowly started to work on not bottling things up and not having to build a bridge and get over everything and instead deal with things in the present. Then you start to realise- OMG I’m not the only person who goes through this.

If we don’t know, love and understand ourselves; how are we suppose to get to know, love and understand not only others but what jobs/careers we want to have?

Do your passions & values align with your current job? If yes then fantastic. If no, then invest some time to finding out why? Or you may need to understand what these are first.

Self discovery is a never ending journey. It’s not simple. But things that are rewarding are not necessarily that simple.

Here is a list of fab inspirational people, resources and books I used to help me on this journey:

Once you invest some time in YOU and what YOU want, then you can start planning and taking action…

So, work harder on yourself than you do on your job. You live the life you settle for.


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