Before you take action- Start planning

Kia Ora Whānau,

So, we’ve talked about being stuck in a rut & investing time in YOU to understand and be confident with your values and passions that should align with your work to make you happy. Now before you take action you need to start planning.

I hope you found my resources helpful if you’re on your own journey to live what you love and want to change the world doing work you love.

Once I worked on self-discovery I understood my strengths and passions of leading & inspiring, food and events could be displayed through my current job but knew that my ultimate goal was to live these in a different environment. An environment that was on my terms, where I could give and help people, have a good work/life balance and eliminate them Smonday feels.

Remember though that ‘work’ is only one segment that will help you find fulfilment. If you’re already blessed enough to have found this then still read on as my journey is not only about finding fulfilment in work but a balance of finding fulfilment within yourself as well.

Now Im quite the visual person so today Ill share my ‘quit work’ brainstorm that helped me map everything out to ensure I could not only be financially stable without work for at least 3 months but also remove potential future stress and impacts on my future career paths.


Grab yourself a vino, find a comfortable place, chuck some tunes on and grab your pen & notebook.

What do you want to achieve from this?

A break to refresh and revive?

Some YOU time?

Write it down!


You’ve already made up your mind. You don’t have fulfilment in your work or some part of your life so stop making excuses.

A good friend of mine always told me I kept making excuses for everything.

‘the universe rewards effort, not excuses’ – Andrew Matthews.

Do some of mine resonate with yours?

  • Financial stress
  • you need to pay the rent/mortgage
  • Ive been in this job for so long and the money and flexibility is great
  • Its all I’ve known for the last X amount of time
  • What if I cant get another job
  • your partner doesn’t yet have income coming in for his business venture he’s starting
  • What about the kids (a big push for me was to start this journey NOW before I have kids but there a plenty of people out there who have done what I have so no excuse)

And you know all the other ‘what ifs’

Now counter your excuses:

  • How much do I need to save?
  • What can I cut down on to make this happen? Drink at home not in town, have friends over instead of going out, cut fresh flowers rather than buying them.
  • Talk to a financial advisor
  • Life is too short just do it
  • Plan for your bills and pay them
  • Etc.

My planning was two years in the making. I had a few things on the ol’ bucket list I wanted to do before I quit my job so make sure you get these out of the way first. As soon as my fiancé and I bought our house I cancelled my Kiwi Saver contribution and started sending this money to my parents so I wouldn’t touch it.


Now think about when you would like to have your mini career break.

For me I chose to have my last date of employment in Jan. Why?

  • We got end of year bonuses paid out
  • I could sell my shares
  • Its Christmas time which means I could have time to spend with all of my Whānau and not have the stress of short stays in order to get back to work
  • My sister’s wedding was coming up and I wanted to be present for her and help her the best I could
  • A great time to tie in your new years resolutions
  • I haven’t had a summer off even when I was at school as I used to work in a bar  through my later college years so I wanted to enjoy our new home in the summer. Summer always gets me in a good vibe. For me I couldn’t think of anything worse than having 3 months off in the middle of winter.
  • When would be the best time for you?

Lastly, start brainstorming everything you need to take into consideration.

Include everything to ensure that when you do take action that you don’t have any extra stress.


One other thing to think about is your current job. I had told my manager about 18 months beforehand that I was in need of a career change. Keep your employers in the loop. Don’t let your work ethic drop. Find things in your current job that you could pick up that keep you motivated. For me I love people, fundraising and events. So I took this on on-top of my role.  You want to resign on good terms and not leave with bad impressions.

Now, if you’re still not ready to take action feel free to flick me an email, or of you are ready to stop the talk and walk the walk then keep posted or subscribe below for my next Wednesday hump day post…


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