#happyhumpday- Take action

Take action- walk your talk

My generic school report went a little something like this…. ‘Chantelle has so much potential, she just doesn’t really reach it’ or my basketball coach would always tell me ‘you cant always rely on natural talent.’

I was never told this in my line of work as a people manager though. Instead I found that little sub-conscious of mine always giving me a nudge- ‘Girl you have so much more potential than working here.’ 

God it felt like I had dreamt about the day I was going to resign forever. How was I going to do it? flick my team an email – “I’m out” or walk up to my boss and tell him to shove my job up his A@$….? No no no people. If you’re like me and have been working for the same company for quite the while with no back up plan as of yet, then there are plenty of templates online which you can add a nice spin to… or write your own.

Ok so you’ve finished your brainstorm. You’ve prepaid a few bills. Your finances are sorted and your letter is all typed up. Your goals are set for the next wee while. So take action.

Enough planning, daydreaming, filling up journals with what you want to do. Just do it! Knowledge is useless without action.

I know its not as simple as just doing it but hopefully if you’ve planned right then you can action your plan. A book I recently read quotes, ‘you get motivated by DOING things, not thinking about them. Action gets you excited and action reveals opportunity. Take the plunge.’ Andrew wells

You don’t want to go to the doctors one day only to be told you had 6 months left to live before you start living what you love.

I was so nervous but excited at the same time to hand in my resignation. The weight had lifted off my shoulders as I found the nerve to finally tell my boss.

Now tell the world so they hold you accountable too.

If you’re like me and tend to overthink what people think about you then make this something that you personally want to work on for you. I really couldn’t give a flying fuck what people thought about my journey. Your life is yours so do whatever makes you happy.

I a lot of people (especially those close to me) had their concerns about my next steps. It’s great to see now after they read my blog or seek to understand that I can now be more of an inspiration than a let down.

Don’t worry you will have your haters but let the haters hate. Isn’t it funny that those who have probably told you not to take a risk and follow your heart/gut/dreams  are the exact  people who have failed to do so themselves?

If you need to you can also invest in a career coach or counsellor. It was great for me to talk to a third party I had never met and tell them my story and the future journey I wanted to take without any judgement.

Now after taking action with resigning from my job I am now embarking on a journey of the unknown. A blank canvas for 3 months where I will inspire others, have some me time and holy shit now Im blogging.

Only a month in and I’m finally through the rush of the Christmas and New year period as well as my sister’s wedding.

I’ve smashed a few goals I had for the month which was to read two books, learn Yoga, make healthier lifestyle decisions and launch my blog.

I have an exciting time ahead to travel to Bali for a retreat, continue blogging, start my volunteering journey & share other people’s experiences of living what they love with you.

Gone are the days of being one of the many minions for a large institution.

So ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen? Your only security is within yourself.


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