Reflect & Crack on

It’s been just over a month already since I left my routine of the corporate world.

I now listen to the creek that continuously flows past the side of my house where I’ve set up my new office sitting on my deck. Wellington’s four seasons pass by; the blue skies, rain, wind, and sunsets.

Today I only see the green of the bush while my view is a heavy sheet of white as I take a moment to reflect on the month that was January.

It’s so important to reflect. To reflect not only on the goals that you’ve set but just reflect on how you’ve used your time. As if today were your last day on earth. Could you look back and be happy with the last month that has passed? 

For me; a trip to Lake Waikaremoana, my sister’s wedding, checking out the awesome events that are held in my city that I usually wouldn’t make time for and a whole lot of family, friends, good food & wine.

The hobby of nightly bottles of vino have turned into a lifestyle change of blogging and reading. My day-dreaming of learning a new exercise has turned into a new Yoga membership. The satisfaction of minamilising my wardrobe to 33 items and donating a whole lot of “stuff” next month thanks to #project333.

The 5.30am alarms have turned into the chirping of the birds and sunlight streaming through my window and the daily 3-5 coffee intake has turned to one.

To have my personal diary online and expose myself to the social media world (which is a f*ck load of people) has given me more confidence in my decision to make this journey and continue with my new hobbies.

My career coach actually gave me a challenge of just doing nothing for the month of Jan. That might sound bazar to some and amazeballs for others. But for me It’s challenging to just be still. I have to always be doing something to keep myself busy. I haven’t yet mastered that yet but I’m excited for what Bali will teach me as I head away on my retreat in just over a week.

As you know I had only saved financially for just over a 3 month break. Then a wee little hiccup occurred where I may have gone and bought a couply packs of durries which lead to a mini financial break down. (Can you believe it costs over $1.30 per ciggerette these days?) I thought shit- how am I going to survive if I keep buying these? Smoking has been a dirty habit of mine for the last 10 years now. Down from 1 pack a day to 1 pack a week was a massive accomplishment for me so I didn’t beat myself up over it and took the positive accomplishment out of it instead.

“the thing always happens that you believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”- Frank Lloyd Wright.

I am going to be financially stable for the rest of my time off work. I can do this!

It’s crazy without thinking the next week I opened my glove box and found a cheque we had forgotten was there waiting to be cashed. Then I sold my Adele tickets (tear) and also started #project333 on my wardrobe and made another fortnight’s bill payments which also meant another fortnight off work.

I am going to be financially stable for the rest of my time off work. I can do this!- This is now my mantra every time I start stressing over money.

The next part of my journey is all about giving back to the community. I’ve signed up with Eat my lunch where I’ll be making food and delivering it to kids in need. Then I’m off on my wellness retreat in Bali.

Another part of my journey is to step out of my comfort zone. I cant wait to travel to a different country on my own. To find my own way around, (also because I’m terrible with maps and directions) to go out to eat by myself and meet new people along my travels. I can’t wait to continue to learn.

So take the time to reflect on the month that has been. Take in your wins. Change or at least learn from your minor hiccups. Then outline what you want to achieve for the month ahead. It may just be a minor step that will eventually add to your overall 2017 goals.

Whether you want to learn to just ‘be still’, or to find a new hobby. Reflect on the month that was and crack on to the month ahead.



2 thoughts on “Reflect & Crack on

  1. I’m so proud of you best blog yet! I have another gift that I reckon you’ll love! ❤️ Did you get your other book yet? Time off must be so great being able to actually focus on goals and pin point what you want to do for the month/year.. you’ll be hardly recognisable by the time 3 months is up! Awesome my gew bet the anxiety is getting better too love you gew x

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