Shit just falls into place, if you think it will…

What the fuck have I been up to since I left the 9-5 grind?

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve quit my corporate job, left the 9-5 grind and stepped Out Of Office. In Jan I saw myself launch my new blog so I could continue to live one of my passions of leading and inspiring others.

In Feb I started my Volunteering journey with the awesome team at Eat My Lunch where I  deliver and make lunches for kiwi kids in need. I then ventured out on my first Solo travel experience and was inspired by what Bali had to give throughout an amazing retreat and solo experience.

March was a month to really engrain what I had learnt about myself and start to put things into practise like my daily meditation and yoga. Bali taught me a lot about acceptance and letting things fall into my path. I was then offered a role working part time in the Eat my Lunch kitchen. Yes I’m getting paid less than half of what I was previously, but I’m surrounding myself with my passion of food, gaining experience for my new venture and contributing to the community. I don’t even need an alarm to get up.

I have new hobbies of reading 2 books a month, hitting the gym, Yoga & meditation. I also joined a netball team which has been great not only for my fitness but I forgot how much I used to love playing since high school – I love stepping out onto the court and working with my amazing team towards a win.

After seeing a nutritionist in Bali I was really inspired to learn more about what food I’m putting into my body, and how food effects the mind, body and soul. I couldn’t believe my passion of food had been staring me in the face for so long and I never knew exactly how I wanted to turn that into a job I would love. I’ve finally enrolled to my Human Nutrition course which I complete at my own pace and on my terms where I’ll educate myself as another stepping stone to my overall goal of where I want to be.

I can truly say with hand on heart that for the last 4 months I’ve been living my passions and doing me and wouldn’t look back with any regrets.

My Smonday feels have vanished. Anxiety is something I’ve left in the past. I’m back into a routine where I don’t find myself getting home from work and pouring myself a vino straight away.

My commute time is now cut in half due to the hours I’m working where I start at 5am and finish at 1pm giving me the rest of the day to focus on my business venture and get active.

I’m no longer living for my weekends- every day is the weekend for me now.

Im not saying that I don’t want to eventually make a lot of money- but right now I’m no longer chasing the dollar. My pay check is less than half of what I use to get paid and I find myself asking, “what the fuck did I use to do with all of my money?”. Yes, I might see my petrol light on a lot more than I use to, I might pick flowers out of my garden for my friend’s birthdays and my god sons surely aint getting a new pair of Nikes for every special occasion but guess what? I’m happy, and I appreciate what I’m spending my money on a lot more now.

I’m back in hospo starting from the bottom once again. Don’t get me wrong the change of no longer being referred to as ‘boss’ and not being the person who excels in my field was a challenge I had to manage myself through. But I continue to see the light at the end of tunnel and I know that this is just a stepping stone for me to my overall goal.

In my blog ‘work harder on yourself than you do on your job,’ I talked about the importance of investing time in YOU. Self development is something that I’m passionate about and it’s an ongoing part of my journey. Whether I’m reading a self development book, trying to beat a PB at the gym, ticking off my daily to-do lists – I’m always asking myself, “ What can I do to make myself more valuable today?” I am 100% clear on my goals and can answer the questions I use to ponder on with confidence and excitement that this is where I want to be.

Planning days have been essential to my success so far. Every time I find myself with a shit storm in the brain I take to a window and spit everything out into a brainstorm so I’m clear on what I’m working on.

Making sure I reflect on a Sunday or at the months end has been a valuable process I’ve turned into my routine. I reflect on my Wins, learns and changes to make sure I’m on the right track and to get motivation to just keep going.

I’m still human- sometimes I can’t be fucked and turn to Netflix or social media to kill time but it’s my responsibility to kick myself out of these little ruts and commit to taking action. If I make an excuse not to do something it needs to be a bloody good excuse – or I’ll write out a little goal or to do list and once I smash it out then I chill.

After reading, ‘The Secret’ which is all about the law of attraction (and I highly recommend the read or if you’re not a reader then catch the doco on Netflix), I’ve looked back on my journey and realised that this has been my secret the whole time I’ve been out of the office. I’ve maintained a positive and open mindset. I’ve visualised where I want to be. I’ve accepted the way things happen and I’ve continued to think and tell myself that I made the right decision. When things get tight with money, instead of stressing I tell myself not to and that everything will work out. The other day I filed for a tax return and for the first time since forever I’m getting a tax return of over $2000 :O.

I even got a free ticket to Home Grown by bumping into someone who needed us to work for a couple of hours ion exchange for a free ticket. Thank you Universe!

I’m so thankful that things have fallen and continue to fall into place for me.

I’m super pumped for my new business venture that I’ve started to work towards.

I’ve had the best 4 months since I’ve stepped away from the 9-5 grind and decided to focus on my happiness and surround myself with my passions.

The only time I’ll be stepping back into an office is when I’ll own it-  Shit!…. I better hold myself accountable to that.

Here’s to another 4 months!


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