My 2 fave Smoothie Supplements


I’ve never been one who was big on the whole taking supplements buzz.  After my recent trip to Bali I did a lot of work with my Nutritionist & Kinesiologist on how to help nurture my gut to avoid the horrible symptoms of my IBS and leaky gut.

Don’t get my wrong, I changed a lot about my diet not just what I now put into my smoothies but I find this quick morning ritual has set me up for the day feeling fresh, energized and fuller for longer as well as all the good things it’s doing for my gut.

If you suffer IBS, leaky gut or digestive issues then you may want to try my two fave smoothie supplements.

Pea protein powder is lactose & gluten free, 100% Vegan and easily digestible. The amino acids in this protein are easily absorbed and it doesn’t leave you feeling gassy or bloated. Not only a good source of protein but this can be used at any time of the day before or after a workout to help with muscle repair. Adding Pea protein to my smoothies helps me feel fuller for longer so whether I use this in my morning smoothie or as a meal replacement when I need to loose my weekend binge fat it’s great all round to satisfy those cravings to snack.

Flaxseed oil not only provides you with your essential omega 3’s , it also aids weight loss and assists with constipation, bloating & diarrhoea which are all horrible symptoms I use to deal with having IBS & leaky gut. It’s also a great alternative to Fish oil for those vegetarians/vegans out there.

So try adding these to your smoothies the next time you get out the blender or add these to my fave & easy green smoothie. Both add minimal change in flavour to your smoothie due to their savoury and subtle nutty flavours.

So far I use these products Pea Protein & Flax Seed oil, but I’m keen to keep testing others until I get the best combination for my body.


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