Astrology, Acupressure & Acupuncture.

John was a man of many talents. Not only was he our Tai Chi instructor, but an astrologist, and specialist in acupressure and acupuncture.

We started with a quick astrology session where he took information from our pre-form such as age, time and date of birth etc. He pointed out the obvious of the fact I was born in the year of the monkey and delved deeper into the fact that I was a water monkey based on my time of birth which was something unknown to me. This meant that I loved the warm and avoided the cold which he had noticed as I was always trying to find a spot of sun everywhere we went. Then he went deeper into the reading which would be more eye opening than I thought. He said I had no balance (I took that with a grain of salt as that’s why I went on the retreat in the first place was to find more balance) and that (especially in 2016) I experienced constant self-doubt and too much overthinking (maybe thats why it took me over two years to finally grow a pair and leave my job) Then we got to the exciting stuff. “You posses business skills and have mastered this in the corporate world but 2017 is the time for you to not have a boss but to be your own. You will thrive in something to do with food, music or art but you must not act alone and instead be in a partnership where you both bounce off each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” he said. I was over the fucking moon to hear this and then I told him my story of how I had recently quit my job to do exactly this. My confidence sky rocketed as he continued. “You will spend a lot of time alone working on spiritual/personal growth & self development but as you are a people connector you need the support from your friends & family for the year ahead.”

We wrapped up the astrology session on a high as I was told about my luck cycle and how it will continue to support me in may career and that I MUST use and live to my potential. I was on top of the world.

As I jumped up onto the acupressure table my confidence began to drop a little as I thought back to the stories, or more heard the screams, from the other ladies from their acupressure sessions with John. Now my pain threshold is pretty fucking high but this session was about to be something I just struggle to relate the pain to. Just like reflexology on your feet, acupressure is used in various parts of the body which relates to certain emotions or feelings you experience. A deep massage into my spleen area felt as though he was touching my back through my stomach as I screamed a loud, ‘Fucking hell,’  which I’m sure was heard across the retreat. My usual mechanism is to laugh during pain but soon the laughter became tears as the pain was just too sore to handle. John pressed into different areas of my body which revealed my need to work on turning anger into kindness, my overly strong fear of doubt, my overthinking, my stubbornness and my need to work on balance and being connected.

We finished with a session of acupuncture as I had over 30 needles stuck into various parts of my body. Me, being the type of person who gets bored easily and hates sitting still unless I’m doing something, then had the cheek to say, “ well if I’ve got to lie here for 20 minutes with these needles stuck in me then you might as-well give me a head massage from the fucking pain you’ve just put me through.” Wrong fucking question Chon, I don’t think John knew how to give a relaxing massage as it felt he was performing another acupressure session on my head and face. The aftermath however was actually mean though as he released what I thought was a minor headache before we started the session.

As always after each session we walked through different techniques on how to work on balance such as through breathing and meditation and this is where (for those of you who have read the full blog) I was taught my mantra. Especially for those who might have a little bit of a short temper sometimes like me…. ‘I’m feeling pissed off, it’s ok to be pissed off, I’m not pissed off.’ I find this especially heIpfull when I’m not actually in a rush at all but I think I am and there’s a fuckwit going under 100KM in the fast land and wont let me pass…

Usually with these types of traditional Chinese medicine you would obviously go back for consecutive sessions for full benefits but as much as I loved the session from an advice point of view my body was thankful it didn’t have another acupressure session to look forward to anytime soon. One would say that after it all was done it was actually worth the pain though.