Balinese healing

Another man of many skills is a man named Kadek. Not only a yoga and meditation teacher but also a balinese energy healer. He told us a story of his out of body experience which is where his knowledge and motivation for practising his spiritual rituals come from. He would talk to us about karmic cycles which would become something I ended up being very interested in. Kadek began the session by telling me that I was the only one at the retreat who he constantly sees light around. He then explained this in a karmic sense, that this was because in my previous world (the body my soul was previously in) was holy and a very spiritual. A woman very beautiful and maybe a king’s daughter so the karma from my previous world would be very good to me in the life I live today.

As my other healers pointed out I still have a lot of work to do in terms of balance and managing emotions. Kadek then moved his seat in front of mine and asked that I ground my feet to the floor. He took both my hands into his and asked that I focus all of my attention in the area of his third eye located on his forehead between but just above both eyes. I could feel a sense of energy flow through my arms and throughout my body. Then his face became a blur, everything else around him turned to a white blur and the beautiful man that was just sitting infront of me became an old somewhat ugly different man. “Did you see a beautiful or ugly face?” he asked. Before I answered he told me that an ugly face represents that there is still room to work on yourself and how you see the world whereas if I were to see a beautiful face that this represents balance, acceptance and beauty in the way you see the life you have. He ended our session with telling me to continue the practice of yoga and meditation and for the short time that I’ve been home I’ve incorporated this in to my daily routine and hope that one day when I return to Bali and visit Kadek, that I will no longer see the ugly blurr of a face I once saw.