Balinese Massage

We were lucky enough to have 2 massage sessions during the retreat which took place in our own rooms in our Villas. The first was an hour long traditional Balinese massage. Aunty Made (our amazing chef and master of other things) made her own massage oil from coconut oil, ginger, garlic and other herbs. She started by examining the body to pinpoint areas that needed attention. Tension was released in my neck and back and then she moved and concentrated on everything below including my knees. She talked to me about the pain in my knees as they were ‘stuck’ and as she massaged around the area and got my circulation going again I could actually see the veins in my feet for once. ‘Only pee when you sweat,’ she said, ‘otherwise you get fluid retention and bad circulation. Get your husband to massage your knees and shins.’ Fab – that was an easy lesson to take home with me for bae.

The second massage 2 days later was from another lady uncanningly called Made- if you’ve been to Bali you’ll know everyone has the same name whether Ketut, Wayan, Made etc. which is given to the Balinese dependant on when they were born within their line of siblings. For two whole hours I indulged a 2 hour massage of long strokes to my whole body with minimal pressure for ultimate relaxation. I was super stoked this fell on the last day of the retreat just to top things off too.