Shit just falls into place, if you think it will…

What the fuck have I been up to since I left the 9-5 grind?

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve quit my corporate job, left the 9-5 grind and stepped Out Of Office. In Jan I saw myself launch my new blog so I could continue to live one of my passions of leading and inspiring others.

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An Inner Voyage, Holistic Bali Retreat

Off a busy main street of Sanur, with the hustle and bustle of shops and cafes is an alleyway with uneven broken cobblestone where I’m greeted by an Aussie man in stubbies, jandals and a singlet. He pulls back a heavy iron rolling gate where I’m welcomed by beautiful Balinese stone statues and lush green and purple scenery with colours and fragrances of frangipani. Split into two common areas both with pools, a beautiful garden and an outside pergola lounging area. This  would be my new home for the next 7 days – Holistic Retreat Bali  Continue reading “An Inner Voyage, Holistic Bali Retreat”

The Solo Traveller

Being out of the office meant a lot more than simply stepping away from my 9-5. My ultimate goal of finding happiness and fulfilment in life and work was to plan 3 months of not only living my passions; but to also step out of my comfort zone, try new things and challenge myself. This part of my journey, I call – The Solo Traveller.

My Solo travel would consist of 3 parts; Vacation, Retreat & Isolate. Continue reading “The Solo Traveller”

Surround yourself with Whānau

Who do you call Whānau?

Whānau – most commonly known to many as the Maori word for ‘Family’- but it means so much more than that. For me, Whānau is about people with the same values. Whānau should be who you surround yourself with. Whānau should empower each other to be better people.

So why discuss who we call our Whānau?

In my earlier blog post work harder on yourself than you do on your job , I wrote about a key step to finding happiness and fulfilment in life & work is to surround yourself with people on the same buzz as you and give the big BYE FELICIA to those who aren’t. Continue reading “Surround yourself with Whānau”

Reflect & Crack on

It’s been just over a month already since I left my routine of the corporate world.

I now listen to the creek that continuously flows past the side of my house where I’ve set up my new office sitting on my deck. Wellington’s four seasons pass by; the blue skies, rain, wind, and sunsets.

Today I only see the green of the bush while my view is a heavy sheet of white as I take a moment to reflect on the month that was January.

It’s so important to reflect. To reflect not only on the goals that you’ve set but just reflect on how you’ve used your time. As if today were your last day on earth. Could you look back and be happy with the last month that has passed?  Continue reading “Reflect & Crack on”

#happyhumpday- Take action

Take action- walk your talk

My generic school report went a little something like this…. ‘Chantelle has so much potential, she just doesn’t really reach it’ or my basketball coach would always tell me ‘you cant always rely on natural talent.’

I was never told this in my line of work as a people manager though. Instead I found that little sub-conscious of mine always giving me a nudge- ‘Girl you have so much more potential than working here.’  Continue reading “#happyhumpday- Take action”

Before you take action- Start planning

Kia Ora Whānau,

So, we’ve talked about being stuck in a rut & investing time in YOU to understand and be confident with your values and passions that should align with your work to make you happy. Now before you take action you need to start planning. Continue reading “Before you take action- Start planning”