Kinesiology & Life Coaching

We were lucky enough to have 2 seperate kinesiology sessions during our retreat. If you are like me where I had no fucking idea what Kinesiology is then check out this sweet page I found that explains Kinesiology as, ‘using gentle muscle-monitoring techniques to access the subconscious mind and gain accurate information about your current issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance.’

Before the retreat we were asked to fill in a form detailing our current diet & health routines and what our objective was to reach by the end of the retreat. For me I wanted to be 100% motivated to  take action to nurture and take care of myself; mind, body and soul. This pre-form helped us form a foundation for how our kinesiology sessions would run.

First we talked to my physical health. When I was working my diet most days consisted of coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, a massive dinner and a bottle of vino. I had suffered digestive issues & ‘so-called’  IBS (I say so-called as I believe IBS is something doctors diagnose you with when they have no fucking clue whats happening in your digestive system, which I must add was also backed up by one of the many Doctors I used to see) for years so I really wanted a different approach on how to address my tummy issues. My Kinesiologist (god I loved her straight up human approach) looked at my form and basically said, ‘well fuck, look at your diet. No wonder you have digestive issues.’ It was great to get straight to the point and I had a whole nutritional plan written up ready to put into practise for when I got home to rebuild my digestive enzymes and be good to my body. I jumped up on the table and we put the Kinesiology to the test. I would say a whole bunch of statements and then see how my body and muscles responded which basically would interpret whether my body agreed or disagreed to what I had said. For example when I said I need to exercise 7 times a week my muscles would react in a way that reflected my body’s response as disagreeing with the statement. When we bought these numbers further down we finally got to exercising 3 times a week where my muscles spasmed showing my body agreed with this statement.

On our second session we focused more on balancing and understanding my emotions and mindset. The kinesiologist would read out statements and I would watch how my body reacted b agreeing or disagreeing. This was a very hard session for me. We delved deep into areas I hadn’t been before from an emotional perspective. I had been learning to be more open over the retreat which helped with what the Kinesiologist began to confront me with which made it a whole lot easier to deal with. After identifying personal development areas we then practised ways for me to stop the constant traffic in my mind; how to introduce gratitude to help with my insecurities and self confidence and different communication techniques. I walked away understanding the ‘WHY’ behind the way I handle what life throws at me sometimes, how to deal with things differently and learnt that it’s ok to have a fucking cry once in a while and let that shit out.