Reiki healing

Reiki healing

Reiki – a Japanese technique used for stress reduction , relaxation and healing. My first session was 2.5 hours of lying down as my healer hovered her hands over different parts of my body and spent longer in areas that needed attention. At first I was like fuck I’m just going to fucking fall asleep (which they say is ok) and I wasn’t too sure I felt anything from it. At the end she pinpointed my overthinking , the pain I get in my knees, how I need to drink more water for my poor circulation, that I suffer from tummy issues (my terrible digestive system and IBS) and  how I must be a smoker due to the imbalance around my lungs. As I hopped off the table I felt a balance throughout my body and a surprising burst of energy to focus my attention to what she had pointed out to me.

My second Reiki session which was two days after the first was a completely different experience. My healer prepared my room with the use of incense and burning wood to remove negative energy in the area. She found a lot of energy in my womb area which represented my intuition and the fact I need to listen to it more – in simple terms to follow my gut. She then found a ‘cord’ which she explained is when you are still connected to something whether it be a person, spirit or place and performed a little ritual and  asked to detach me from whatever the cord was connecting me to. My healer had a beautiful, tranquil voice and slowly walked around my body singing a harmonious Japanese song where I fell into deep relaxation. We finished with an Oracle card reading where I drew 3 cards; to love myself, to be open to what the universe gives me and to invest in my health. All 3 cracked exactly why I came to the retreat in the first place.

She then gave me a ciggie as a present from her friend who makes her own pure tobacco cigarettes which she uses in her healing rituals without the 100s of chemicals I unfortunately choose to put into my body most days.

If you’re looking for total relaxation, balanced and revived energy then Reiki might just be for you.