Tai Chi

Have you ever seen people standing in the park looking like they’re doing some slow type of dancing movement? This is what my understanding of Tai Chi was before my time at the Holistic Bali retreat.

I’ve discovered a new found love for the Tai Chi practise after our 2.5 hour session during the retreat. What I loved most was the approach to learning the practise itself. Step by step our instructor John took us through a break down of movements, breathing techniques and the hows, when’s and Why’s to use power and stretching techniques. Not only is Tai Chi an exercise but it incorporates mindset training of how you react to different situations in life and how to accept things that life throws your way.

We talked to posture and where your weight should sit in your body in different movements. John talked to the pain in my knees having a lot to do with my squatting technique where I would be holding my full weight in my knees therefore putting pressure and strain on the them. After learning a technique where I can now relieve the pain in my knees I’ve already made massive improvements in my practise at home.

Simple arm movements that stretch your arms and back have become a part of my daily ritual and signing up to a class in Wellington has been added to my bucket list 2017.