Ubud Day Trip, Cleansing & Electric/Chi/Prana healing

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We had a full day trip dedicated to holy water cleansing at the famous Tirta Empul water temple, prayer and blessings from the high priest and an electric healing session. We arrived at the temple  just in time before buses full of tourists and the rain poured in. You weren’t allowed to enter without wearing a sarong and it was so picturesque seeing the multicoloured sarongs wrap the 100s of tourists who entered the temple during our visit.


Kadek prepared beautiful Balinese offerings which we laid infront of the cleansing station. The water, a murky concrete colour from work they were doing behind the station invited us to over 10 different water healing spouts that both the locals and tourists use for holy rituals and cleansing. Kadek took us through our ritual for each water cleansing station; To say Om 3 times, slightly squat, speak an affirmation, ‘please bless my soul and physical body,’ splash your face with the water 3 times, gurgle once then swallow once. We would repeat this for the 10 water spouts. I would have to use a mantra I learnt in my healing session from the previous day when a flock of tourists ( I won be racist here but I’ll leave you to guess) would come up while you were in prayer and bend down and take photos pulling peace signs and splash the water all over them. ‘I’m feeling pissed off, It’s ok to be pissed off, I’m not pissed off.’

After leaving the buses of tourists and rain behind we found ourselves at an authentic Balinese restaurant starring into a view of rice fields and koi jumping over lily ponds. I enjoyed grilled Balinese duck with sambal which although it had nothing on Aunty Made’s cuisine back at the retreat was still delicious.  Kadek then reached for my palm and started to give me a reading. I will have a long life, more energy after I turn 50 but may become sick at 75 if I don’t stop smoking.

Ketut our driver was waiting for us as we finished up and took us to the Electric healing session where a Balinese husband and wife welcome us into their home. We go in 1 by 1 and the look on each of our faces as we came out of the room were as if we had each seen a ghost. Once upon the massage bed you feel the warm sensation of oil being massaged into your body and then it happens. The feeling of electrical currents begin to run through you as both husband and wife perform long massaging strokes from head to toe. As I lie on my stomach I am only questioning how the fuck this can actually be real so as I turn over onto my back I take a good look to see where the possible wires could be hiding that are all of a sudden pumping these currents through my body. I walk out of the room glowing with an energetic bounce and feeling balanced within. Some people call this Prana or Chi healing. It was a truly amazing experience. Watch this You Tube clip